Happy Valentine's Day - Dialysis On the Horizon


As today is Valentine's Day, we are reminded of how many family and friends we love and have in our lives. Thank you all for your continued support -- especially my loving wife Sarah K.

I recently had an appointment with my nephrologist, and although I have been feeling pretty good, based on my blood levels, I have somewhere between 3-6 months left before I have to begin dialysis.  Whenever we're faced with bad news or the risk of something bad happening to us, I think we're built to reduce the probability in our minds.  And so, I was hoping that with my focused hard work on living the best possible lifestyle for my issue, I could squeeze out some more time with my kidneys.  But unfortunately, it doesn't seem that way.  The good news is that the human body is quite resilient, so although my kidney function is continuing to decline, eating healthy, working out, etc. has made me feel great!  

So, we have been advised to make the tough choice of what type of pathway to take to begin the surgical procedures to prepare for dialysis.  Dialysis is essentially an external mechanism which filters out the toxins your body builds up (one of the main functions of the kidneys).   There are a few different methods of dialysis: 1) Exchanging your blood through a machine.  2) Injecting a special fluid into the abdominal region and extracting the toxins that way.  In either scenario, a procedure needs to take place to prepare the "port" of exchange.  And I didn't realize this, but it can take months for this "port" to mature and be ready for use.  So, the urgency to start planning for it was a shock to me.  I have till the end of the month to make a decision on what method to take -- I wish I could slow down time.

There are all sorts of side-effects, risks, etc. attributed from dialysis, and it's a scary feeling given the fact that I have a family to support.  But I have hope that I'll get through this!  And it is all thanks to you all who have shared my message, supported us in our mission, and generously offered to get tested!

Please continue to share my message, and I would like to end this blog post with a quote:

"Lost time is never found" -- Ben Franklin

You never know what tomorrow will bring (good or bad).  So let's live today the best we can!  Thank you!



Hassan Shaukat