Family, Gotta Love Em...

Last week was tough - opening up to the world about my issues, but it was a first and necessary step to find a kidney donor.  Each day I wake up, I am super thankful that I get to spend another day with the family.  And this weekend was an awesome one - lots of things went down!  :-)

My younger sister came into town from Dallas.  She traveled all the way from Dallas to see Serena on her birthday!  It was great spending time with her.

Got to build a "tent" for baby girl.  And by tent, I mean a sheet that draped over her bed :)  In the tent, we had a picnic!  Picnic in the winter, with her pink was awesome!

Sneaked a workout in -- gotta get it in!

Had the family over to celebrate our daughter's 3rd birthday.  I CAN'T BELIEVE she is three!  As I continue to be a parent, I find new levels of respect for my own parents (and all parents in general).  It is insane the amount of work that goes into raising another human being.  It truly is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling things in life.

Ended the weekend with meeting my new nephew, Yunus, for the first time!  He's a tiny bundle of joy, and smiles a ton!  Can't wait to see him grow and play with his cousins!

Life is always super busy and fast paced -- especially in these times of technology innovation.  Just remember, stay in the present, appreciate the people around you, show them gratitude from time to time, and pay the good forward.

Each day is a gift -- which is why it's called The Present.

And finally, super thankful to everyone that is supporting my mission to find a kidney donor.  And a huge thank you for those that called in -- words cannot describe our gratitude to you all!

Please continue to share our message, so that we can find a donor soon.

Thank you and God bless!


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