PKD and Me

 It's never an easy task to talk about suffering from a disease (at least for me).  The reasons span far and wide, and opening up about it was something I never wanted to do.    

Some of you know and some may not, but I have a genetic disease known as polycystic kidney disease.  It is a genetic disorder that leads to kidney failure.  There is no cure, and there is no treatment that delays the progression of the disease.  I was officially diagnosed in 2012, and my family and I have been carrying the burden since then. 

Unfortunately, I am nearing the end of my kidneys and to be honest, it was a very scary thing considering I have a beautiful wife and daughter that depend on me.

Fear is a very debilitating thing, but history has proven that we, as humans, have the capabilities to rise above it.  A wise man once told me that the emotions of fear and gratitude are opposites and they can never coexist at the same time, and we have the mental capabilities to choose one over the other.

Gratitude is the key to life.  We are all so busy trying to get to the next step, the next level, etc. that sometimes we tend to forget to take a moment and appreciate various aspects of our lives.  The breeze on our faces, the warmth of our partner, the stubbornness of our kids.  When you put your life into perspective by taking a moment and imagining your life without what you hold dear, you realize most of the stuff we complain about is BS.

So, if I have the choice, that's an easy one -- I choose Gratitude.  I am incredibly thankful to all of my family and friends that have supported me through the good and the bad.  I am especially thankful to the love of my life Sarah, whom I owe everything to.  And if you're reading this, a huge THANK YOU TOO!   

Please share this message, and keep me in your prayers that I find a kidney donor soon.

Thanks and God bless.






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